Changing my one-word???

Sometimes a New Year resolution doesn’t last 13 days. But, I want to change my one word for 2016 after 13 days. Self-control is my one word. Boy, has it been hard. Why didn’t I choose an easy, or easier word like Prayer. That’s a no brainier. If you don’t know what to pray the Holy Spirit will do it for you. Or you can Goggle prayer and receive dozens of prayers to read for any and all occasions. Last year’s word for me was Praise. I had no problem praising God for big and little things in my life.

Self-control is hard. It was easy for me to memorize the fruits of the spirit in Galatians 5:22. Easy to download some fruit of the spirit graphics to tape to the bathroom mirror.

No, I am not going to change my one-word. I’ll look at it as a way to grow, stretch my faith and trust in the Lord. Trust is a good one-word. My friend picked it. Again, lots of ways to work that into your life.

Self-control: The first week it was hard to have self-control by not eating the left over Christmas candy. Then there was the self-control I needed over my tongue to not gossip about someone who left the church. Or the self-control by holding my words in when my husband threw a fit when the satellite dish broke(DON’T ASK).

The bottom line is I’m sticking to self-control for my one-word for 2016, but I know I must lean on God, and get help from the Holy Spirit. I am steadfast, Jesus, in your helping me.



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