Toilet paper snowman

I’ve always wanted to do gag gifts for Christmas.  This week I have a party that calls for just that.  So here it is, quick and easy.



Stocking cap

Roll of toilet paper

Goggle eyes

Orange foam sheet

Poem printed on a card

Clear wrapping paper

Tape, hole punch, string, glue dots


Wrap toilet paper with clear paper.

I buy quality TP so this person is getting some good stuff!

I used a cap that a friend made.  Cut a simple carrot for a nose. Google eyes and nose attached with glue dots (in case you haven’t noticed I love this stuff.)

I got the poem off Pinterest, so I take no credit.

Money is scarce and times ar hard.

So I’m giving you this instead of a card.

Something to use, something to share.

So bottoms up, because we care.

I used a couple of straight pins to keep the hat on.  Put a hole in the poem and attach with string or yarn.



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