Mom passed, as they say in Maine, last week. We think she had a stroke at the end of June and she had trouble swallowing. Several months ago she was no longer able to stand or walk. Even though I felt I had lost the Mom I knew ever since she moved here in 2012, I still was not prepared.

When the doctor wanted to put her on end of life care I agreed. I knew she wanted to be a DNR. On Monday she was struggling to breathe. Monday night Mom’s roommate’s son, a pastor, prayed for her. I planned to meet my Pastor (retired) at the nursing home early Tuesday morning. So, he was holding one hand and I was holding the other. We prayed her right up to those Pearly Gates and then we said “we’ll see you later, don’t know when, but we’ll be together again.”

She stopped breathing very quietly. It was a gift from God that I was there to see her go so peacefully. My heart was at rest. I was being held in the arms of our Lord. I may now be an orphan, but I know I am not alone, because I am the daughter of the one true God.



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