Recycled Mini Easter Baskets


This is a quick and easy craft which costs only pennies to make.

White Scrapbook paper for face
2” circle punch
Fine tip marker — for eyes and mouth and whiskers
Glue dots
Easter grass or crinkle paper
Pink foam for bunny ears
Pink pipe cleaners for basket handle
Tiny pink pom poms for nose
Elmers glue
Recycled small cat food cans


My Hubby was kind enough to drill one hole on each side of the cans and then I crimped the edges to make them smooth with needle nose pliers.

Next I put the pipe cleaners in to make the handle.

For the face I punched 2” circles and used a fine line marker to make eyes, whiskers and mouth with teeth (see photo).

I used Elmers glue to glue on the pom poms for the nose and let it dry overnight.

For the bunny ears, draw any style or size you like. I used glue dots to attach the pink foam ears to the back of the face. And, then glue dots again to attach the face to the can.

This is a nursing home that I know I can use small candies so I added crinkle paper and a small chocolate egg to each basket.


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