Go Visit a Nursing Home Today



A friend died last week. She had a short illness in the nursing home. She was 10 years younger than my Mom. We connected through a lineage organization and she lived in another town. So we didn’t know all the details of each other’s lives, but we did connect on the fact that we each had an adult only child with whom we had an uneasy relationship.

I don’t know if her daughter was aware of her illness. Did her daughter and grandchildren get to visit her in the nursing home? I don’t know.

I see this so many times with the residents in my Mom’s nursing home. So often families shy away from the nursing home. My own husband will not go in to see my Mom. His fears are based on the unhappy experience that he had with his grandfather 40 years ago. Nursing homes have “come a long way, baby” and have improved immensely.

Our Father in heaven encourages us to honor our elders as well as our widows.

Today I want to encourage you to visit a friend or family member in the nursing home. Even if you only stay 5 minutes. Even if you don’t know the person very well. Even if you fear death.

Dear God,

I am comforted that you are the one true God. I thank you for all your promises and that you are faithful to us.  I praise you for making our nursing homes better than in past years.  I praise the staff who give of themselves.

Please, Lord, be near families and friends who have loved ones in the nursing home. Sometimes there is pain in visiting them, and I ask that you relieve those fears that are paralyzing and keeping them away from a visit.

In your name alone, I pray,



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