Nursing Home Visits


Have you heard of Teepa Snow? If you have a loved one in a care facility you need to find her web page and study her teaching.

Teepa Snow is an occupational therapist and advocate for those living with dementia and other forms of brain change. Her Positive Approach™ to Care techniques are a practical and structured approach to the complexities of brain failure. It is her personal passion and mission to improve the culture of dementia care worldwide.

Teepa’s workshop are aimed at seniors who are being cared for at home. However, I found so many things that will help me with Mom in her nursing home.

Two things I have already put into place after watching a couple of her workshops online:

1. Get yourself prepared for the visit. I don’t go in expecting anything from my visit, other than having a good visit for her and me. Mom sleeps a lot, and usually I make her wake up. “Make her” wake up! Last Friday she just wouldn’t wake up. So I prayed over her for a few minutes and left. Yesterday she woke up right away, although not very talkative, I did get a smile from her.

2. Don’t change topics too fast. Wow, the minute I heard this I realized I do that all the time. I jump from it’s snowing outside, then tell her I got an email from a cousin in Florida.

I’ll share more of Teepa’s tips in later posts.  Today I chose Psalm 103:4 to share with you.


Dear God,

Thank you for your promises to “renew our youth like eagles.”  Lord, you use the eagle often to show us your power and promises, and I thank you for that.

Today, I praise you ( for keeping my Mom renewed during this part of her life.  I will praise you when I have a good visit with a smile, but, like the apostle Paul, I will be content even when the visit doesn’t go that well.  I will remember that you are in charge, and that you have a plan for Mom’s life and for my life.

And, in every prayers I also thank you for putting loving, caring staff who attend to her, and her crusty attitude, no matter the time of day or night.

In Jesus’ name I pray,





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