Be Cheerful

Have you picked your one word for the year? So much better than a new year’s resolution. Go to MyOneWord.

Mine is “praise”. A friend just picked “peace”.

This scripture is so beautiful to remind us to praise God


It reminds me of a poster I saw on Pinterest that says” Act nicer than you feel.”

I find I use this advice when I am visiting at the nursing home. My mind might be a jumble dwelling on my own little world; but how do my concerns compare with the lives of my Mom and other residents?; how do my problems compare to the staff who are dealing with the residents under their care for their shift that day?

So, I smile at the resident who tells me she must hurry to walk home before it gets dark. I give a staff member a compliment on her colorful scrubs that surely must give the residents something to fun to focus on.

Dear God, Thank you for reminding me to praise you for putting peace in my heart today. I praise you for the amazing care providers that you place with our seniors in nursing homes. You are amazing the way You provide for all our comforts, just as you do the birds of the sky.

Please help me to praise others, a compliment and a warm smile are all provided by you for free, we have your Word to guide us in all that we do, especially encouraging one another. I feel you are smiling, when I remember to “be cheerful”. And no matter what, Lord, I am steadfast in my commitment to my Mom while she is in the winter of her life.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

I am sharing this on Thought Provoking Thursday.


A Divine Encounter Grace & Truth.


4 thoughts on “Be Cheerful

  1. Praise is a beautiful word and it will beautify you as well. I can imagine the fragrance of the beauty of Christ that you spread throughout the nursing home as you visit. May your times there be truly blessed and your new year as you practise keeping words and songs of praise upon your lips. Beside you at TPT.


  2. visiting from Grace and Truth Linkup – love this! Cheerfulness and JOY are contagious! People need it! I pray that by the end of the year your heart is overflowing with great joy!



  3. Love this! There are definitely days where “being cheerful” and “acting nicer than you feel” are harder than others, but it’s amazing to see how the Lord uses our cheerfullness and kindness towards others to share His love in tangible ways.

    Thanks for linking up with Grace & Truth! We hope you’ll join us again this week.



  4. It was great to read your ‘one word’ – Praise! Being cheerful, light hearted and thankful can truly lift up another soul. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.. it doesn’t take much to smile when your heart is full of praise. The little phrase you used ” acting nicer than you feel” has really caught my heart today.


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