Let it Snow! Snowmen

I am crafting favors for an additional nursing home in the New Year and decided to make my Snowmen “Let It Snow!”


It is important to me to send table favors to the nursing homes during the periods between BIG holidays. January is too early to start in on Valentine’s day, so search out other categories. Most care facilities have more than enough Christmas decorations and Valentine’s Cards but think of something you can make the week AFTER Valentine’s.

This is a quick and easy craft which costs only pennies to make.



Bottle caps — for the smaller faces I used caps from a V-8 bottle
White Scrapbook paper for face
Sparkle scrapbook paper for hat
Black permanent marker — for eyes and mouth
Orange permanent marker — for carrot nose
Pink permanent marker — for pink cheeks
2” circle punch
Glue dots
“Let it Snow” tags
Cut out the round faces and decorate — see picture for various face designs.
Glue face to top of bottle cap.
Cut a hat and glue to top of faces.
Print “Let it Snow!” on cardstock, cut and glue to bottom of bottle cap.


Here is a variation using larger bottle caps from an orange juice bottle.
I painted the top of the cap white.
For the hat I used the cardboard from a coffee cozy from Starbuck’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, or other.
Added a little red glitter flower on hat.

I am sharing this on Made by You Monday



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