The Pink Snow Family


Let me introduce you to the Pink Snow Family that was originally designed as center pieces for the nursing home dining room.  But now I love them so much I’ve written a story about them.

See below for their family history.

????????????????????Items needed:

Empty containers:

Coffee Mate jars – opaque

Coffee Mate jars – clear(fill with Epsom Salt)

Instant Coffee plastic container

Crystal Light containers

Orange juice jug

Hot glue gun

Black felt pen
Orange felt pen

Scraps of fabric and lace

Socks for the hats



These sisters are from the Pink family.  Their mother named them with names that belong with the letter “P”.  Here is Momma Pink:


Pearl is the mother of the Pink sisters.

She’s a sweet and loving woman of a certain age.

 She may not be the most shapely of ladies, but Love is her middle name.


Pansy is the oldest sister, and always well-groomed.


Penelope is the creative sister who loves to knit and crochet.

Of course she knitted a pink hat for herself and for their mother,

Pearl, and the crocheted belt she wears during the winter months.


This is Pearl’s sister, Ruby.  Ruby describes herself as a

real “sirene” but tells the girls they are too young to know what that means.

Ruby’s son Emerald.


The youngest Pink family member, Petra,

starts school next year and loves his older sisters

doting on him.

I am sharing this on Made by You Mondays


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