Dress up for Christmas

I love to play dress up.  The older I get the more of a “ham” I become.  Many of my costumes are used when I give programs to other chapters of Daughters of the American Revolution.  A working woman’s dress for my Betsy Ross program and a Civil War Nurse’s dress for portraying a real Maine nurse who was in the war.  Other costumes include a 1901 “walking dress” and a ball gown circa the American Revolution.


Luckily, folks at the nursing home love to see anything that is “out of the ordinary”.  Even a blue sweater with white stars for 4th of July was a hit.  So now I dress up there, too.  Of course, for Halloween.  But also at Thanksgiving I put a Pilgrim headband on.  I also have a reindeer antlers headband.


I know someone else who likes to dress up for the children at the YMCA.  So this Christmas I dug out this vintage pattern and made her a red cape via Mrs. Santa Claus.  The pattern called for velour but I blinged it up with red sequin material.



And for myself for Christmas at the nursing home I made an apron with lots and lots of white eyelet (more than what is shown in this picture, I went crazy with the eyelet ruffles).


Whatever you wear and wherever you are going for Christmas….God Bless You!




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