Romans 8:26

Three years ago I had to travel 3,564 miles to convince my Mom she could no longer live alone and move from the West Coast to the East Coast to live near me.  My Savoir, Jesus, had prepared me for this by setting me up with a wonderful church family where I live.   The actual acceptance from my Mom came quicker than I thought, and I was calling back home to speak with the Pastor and his wife and give God praise.  But, a few days later, I was all prayed out.  Things were difficult and all of a sudden I couldn’t put the words together to pray.  Another phone call back home and Pastor and his wife both got on the phone and reminded me of Romans 8:26.



This week I am again asking the Holy Spirit to give me the words to pray when I hear these things from my Mom; I want my Mother; I miss California; I don’t want to go home.

Dear God, Thank you for being with me even when I seem lost in my emotions. I know that you know what is in my heart and that you know that I need to be able to be strong for my Mom, to say the right things to her, and to continue to be steadfast in my mission to stick to her until the end, whether she finishes well or not, I am committed to being at her side, even when she doesn’t know who I am.

In Jesus name, I pray.




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