Paper Christmas Tree from Snowflake Punch

Here is another Quick & Easy Craft. I made it for the bulletin board that is at the end of my Mom’s bed in the nursing home.

From Lani

From Lani


Glue dots
Foam Mounting dots
Snowflake paper punch
Glitter paper (I used pink glitter for the tree topper)
Scrapbook paper
–several shades of green and/or white flocked
Cardboard for tree base
Coffee cup holder for tree trunk – the corrugated kind like from Starbuck’s



First, I cut a simple triangle 11 inches tall from dark green.

Punch our desired amount of snowflakes.

The first layer of snowflakes I adhered with glue dots … I used all light green snowflakes and a few white flocked snowflakes so they would stand out beneath the darker green snowflakes.

The darker green snowflakes I put on with foam mounting dots so they are raised, giving it dimention.

For the top of the tree I used light green and pink glittered snowflakes on doubled mounting dots.


Last, put the tree trunk on the back with glue dots. I used a push pin to adhere the tree to Mom’s bulletin board.

be brave

This would look entirely different if you added paper ornaments or glitter glue garlands. Kids would like to do this in wild colors. Make it smaller and it can be used as a tray table favor at the nursing home.




I’m linking up to Sew Can Do‘s Monday Craft Link Party!


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