Forget Me Not

Copyright free postcard

Copyright free postcard

My Mom doesn’t talk much, now.  All of my adult life she was a talker, I mean, non-stop, no breath taken, no detail too small to relate. I have to admit it drove me crazy and caused me to avoid her when I didn’t have the time or mental stamina to listen.


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November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. The “forget-me-not” flower is the symbol used for Alzheimer’s. Perhaps because it is the sentiment most seniors would say if they could. Or perhaps because if you pick forget-me-nots and dry them, then next Spring plant them in some tilled soil they will come up and bloom again and again.  Find out more at

Dear God,

Thank you that you have given me the patience to visit my Mom whether or not she talks to me. I do think she would say “forget me not” if she could. Thank you for the years of her life when she was such an active and vibrant woman. Thank you for forgiving me when I wasn’t patient with her.

I raise my Mom up to you Lord, and ask that you make her able to communicate her wants and needs to me and to the nursing home staff. You amaze me God with the caring and capable people you put in places where seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s reside. Bless their lives, too, God, for their compassion.

What an awesome God we have to give us life and love and peace during troubled times. And all by your amazing grace.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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