Finish Well


Our Pastor, who recently retired, always encouraged us to look to the end of our life, to see who we will be, what we will be doing, what we will be praying, and who we will be loving. He urged us to seek a fruitful life and at the end “to finish well”. We hope to hear “Well done, faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21)

As I visit my Mom at the nursing home, I often pray for others who do not seem to be finishing well.

Dear God,

Please bless the seniors I see on a daily basis. Some are loud and in charge and some are quiet and meek. Please let me see them as the human beings that you have created. I don’t know if they know you Lord, and if they don’t put someone in their path, me or someone else, who can guide them to You and someone who can help them as they live out the end of their lives. I especially lift up those seniors who have had a hard life, a loss of a child or the bitterness of a lonely life. I pray that you will give them special attention.

I know that my Mom knows you as her Lord and Savior, so I know she will be going to Heaven, but help her Lord during her days here as she struggles through the fog of dementia. And help me to be more patient with her, as she is not the Mom I grew up with, but still, that small bundle in the bed, she is the Mom I have right now, and what really counts is that I am here, holding her hand until she, too, finishes well.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

I am sharing this post on Thought Provoking Thursday.


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