Thanksgiving: Nursing home tray table favors

One craft blog I read the other day says she “only makes quick and easy crafts”. I like her, I think that is my new motto, quick & easy! Try this before Thanksgiving:

From Lani

From Lani


TP rolls
Black marker
Scrapbook paper for:
Circle punches
Red pipe cleaners for wattle

I really encourage you to NOT follow my designs exactly. Anything goes…..really…….be brave, be creative!



Cut each roll in half

Cut red pipe cleaner into small pieces

Punch out face
1. Glue on beak
2. Use black marker to make eyes
3. Glue on the red wattle


Glue face onto front of TP roll

Punch out tail

Glue circle tail onto back of TP roll

Here is another style using the basic idea but adding two circle punches for the face and 3 “feathers” of scrapbook paper, the beak is two dimensional and the pipec leaner is folded in half:



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