Give a hug…ladybug

Seeing this on Pinterest I had an idea…see ya later alligator-03

From time to time leaving Mom is stressful or sad for her. I started with “see you later alligator” and she quickly replied “after a while crocodile.” Funny how they can remember little stuff. I’ve had fun telling her some of the more unusual sayings shown here.

Today I said “give me a hug ladybug” and she said “after while crocodile.” Old habits die hard.


Dear God, I lift my Mom up to you, for you to cherish and care for on the days I am unable to visit. Thank you for always being in our lives, even when we cannot see you.

When I go to see her, please help make our time together special. Sometimes, if Mom is sleeping, I sit at her bedside for a few minutes and try to remember that you are in charge. On some days I don’t wake her. But I trust in you God, to let her know I was there and she is loved.

Leaving after a visit can be stressful, Lord, and I ask for your guidance in making the parting as pleasing as I know you can provide. For my faith is in you, and my strength comes from you. Oh, how I love you and thank you for being in my life.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen


Here are additional sayings to use.

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I am posting this on Thought Provoking Thursday.


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