Turkey Wall Hanging: From recycled paper bags

As you know, my Mom is in a nursing home. She has a small bulletin board on the wall at the end of her bed. So, I have been making seasonal/holiday wall hangings for her. For Thanksgiving I decided to make a turkey out of old paper bags, scrapbook paper and a small amount of fabric.

My husband was amazed when we were newly married, that I saved boxes in a box marked “boxes”. I’m a crafter, you see, and I save all sorts of oddities. My most recent being those corrugated coffee sleeves you get at Starbucks. (I used these in my recent post : Pumpkin face dice game…..)

So, to make this craft I used my stash of “pretty” paper bags that I save. I find these most often in small boutiques. They are just too pretty to throw away.


Materials list:

Paper bags or scrapbook paper, colors of your choosing,
Cut 2 for body
1 hat
2 shoes
4-6 feathers
1 beak
2 large google eyes
1 red pipe cleaner for “waddle”
Ribbon for bow on shoes
Small amount of ploy-fill
Fabric for legs: Mine are 22” long and 2’inches wide



Be creative and pick your own patterns and colors, and even change the shapes if you want. My hat ended up looking more like a “Dicken’s Christmas Carol” hat than a Pilgrim hat. I really encourage you to NOT follow my designs exactly. Anything goes…..really…….be brave, be creative!

Using your sewing machine and cotton thread sew around the turkey body leaving the bottom open.

Hot glue the hat, google eyes and beak on the turkey face.

Roll a red pipe cleaner around a pencil for the waddle and hot glue it next to the beak.


Stuff the poly-fil into the body, I used a small amount to just give it a little dimension.

For the legs: I ripped the fabric to give it a ragged look, ironed it in half so that it is 1” wide. Tie a loose knot in the middle of the legs for knees.

Put the top of the legs into the bottom of the body and sew across.

Make a bow out of ribbon and hot glue it onto the shoes, then hot glue the shoes onto the bottom of the legs.


I am linking up to  Craftin Desert Diva’s Orange and Brown


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