Bingo Card Halloween Costume for nursing home

Bingo at nursing homes is like bread and butter, they go together. I’ve never really played much Bingo and neither has my Mom. Nonetheless, one of my volunteer activities is calling Bingo at Mom’s nursing home. She usually stays in her room!



Here is my costume for this year. I’m a Bingo card. Once again I got ideas from Pinterest, so this is not an original idea, just my interpretation. The Bingo card would look cute poster size, but I want to wear it while I’m calling Bingo, so I made it small so I could sit down.  I am also going to wear a Witch’s hat from the Dollar Store.



White card stock: 9” x 12”
Black felt pen
Single hole punch
Ribbon — about 30” inches long
Copy of a bingo card
Carbon paper
Plastic milk jug caps


I made a Xerox copy of one of the Bingo cards from the nursing home and then used carbon paper to trace it onto the card stock. Does anyone still know what carbon paper is??????????

Trace over the images with the felt pen.

Punch one hole on each of the ends at the top of the card.

Slip the ribbon through one hole and knot, repeat for other side.

Hot glue milk caps over numbers–we use these caps as markers over the numbers.

This is so easy!

I really encourage you to NOT follow my designs exactly. Anything goes…..really…….be brave, be creative!


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